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Natural Healing for Mind, Body, Spirit

Brad Dixon, Reiki Master TeacherHello, and thank you for visiting my Website. I would be honored to assist you as you advance along your healing journey – whether you just benefit from the helpful information I provide here, or soon contact me about my effective Reiki Energy Healing, Hypnosis, and Intuitive Life Coaching services.

For starters, I wonder if you can already take a long, deep relaxing breath – all the way down into your lower lung area – and then imagine yourself beginning to heal on even deeper levels of mind, body and spirit.

That intention may conjure mental pictures of you looking a certain way – perhaps radiating greater health (an almost golden glow that truly is visible to the human eye). You may think about how good it would feel to hear people remark on your rejuvenated state and empowered presence. “What are you doing differently?,” they might ask.

Hope Is Here

As you read through sections of this Website, you may begin to feel more hopeful, knowing that it’s possible to raise your energetic vibration and experience a greater sense of well-being – managing stress better and feeling much more at home and at peace within your body.

Just the fact that you’re visiting this site tells me that you’re probably the type of person who cares deeply about your personal development. You’re likely among the exceptional minority of people who are ready to move far beyond settling for the status quo.

George Eliot quote on changeFulfilling Your Potential

Through my services of Reiki Energywork, Hypnosis and Intuitive Life Coaching, I can help you get in greater touch with who you really are and what you really want and need in your life. My mission is to help empower you to achieve your goals – to identify them, to express them, and to act upon them.

At Wellspring Rejuvenation Center, It’s completely okay to ask for help as you continue fulfilling even more of your potential. Rather than staying stuck where you are now, you can start exploring some effective self-improvement strategies. Making important shifts can be much easier than what you once might have been led to believe.

My job is to help you create the vision of who you want to be and express more love for who you already are right now. You will gain understanding of how your thought patterns (the words you say to yourself) are shaping your reality.

As renowned spiritual counselor and author Louise Hay says, “Every thought I think is creating my future.”

Reiki SessionMore about My Services

As a Usui Reiki Master and registered Karuna Reiki Master with the International Center for Reiki Training, I have served the population of Atlanta, Georgia, with Reiki Sessions and Reiki Classes since 2002. Hands-on Reiki Healing can help you balance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (in the National Guild of Hypnotists), I frequently employ Hypnosis to help clients heal at the deep level of the subconscious mind. In this deep state of relaxation, it becomes easier for you to identify the root causes of a wide variety of issues while clearing your subconscious of negative programming that’s been holding you back.

The proven science of Hypnosis serves as a powerful complement to the Reiki Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching services I also offer. As I work with clients over a number of sessions, I often employ all of these helpful strategies in an integrated approach. My goal is to help you as quickly as possible!

Not sure where to begin? Then claim your free phone consultation today! You can reach me at 404-444-6924 or brad@wellspringreiki.com.

Underwater Daisies by Miles Davis

“I want to thank you again and tell you how much the sessions have helped me. I am no longer stuck, literally have graduated from my depression, I have purpose, clarity, and direction. All of the dots are now connecting.” – Mikia F.

Reiki Energy Healing

You may or may not already know that every thought you think is immediately communicated into your body. Sometimes negative thought patterns and traumatic experiences can become deeply rooted in our bodies, resulting in blockages of the natural flow of life-force energy through our systems (including energy centers called chakras).

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), a Japanese healing technique involving the laying-on of hands, helps restores a more harmonious flow. Receiving a Reiki Session feels warm and wonderful, helping to relax you, greatly reduce your stress, provide a greater sense of balance, and engage your body’s own self-healing.

The great news is that this healing art is something anyone can learn how to perform through my Reiki Classes. You can, if you will, imagine how empowering how it feel to have this healing power right in the palms of your hands (for use on yourself or others). We are all worthy!

Reiki Student Practice

Intuitive Approach

As someone with intuitive abilities highly developed through years of performing energywork and extensive training, I often tap into life issues that could be affecting your energy. I’m happy to share these impressions during sessions, helping you to connect the dots on what’s already working in your life and what could work better.

This knowledge accessed intuitively can inform and shape future work we might do together and help me direct you to additional resources that could be beneficial to you in advancing along your path. I also offer sessions dedicated to Intuitive Life Coaching.

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me and helping me make my life so much better. Every day has been so much different for me, and I cannot express in words how appreciative I am. Thank you again!” – Natalie L.

Start Where You Are - Reiki and Hypnosis

Start Today

You can probably think of some old ruts you’d like to lift yourself out of, can’t you?

Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I’m wondering if you’d instead be willing to contact me now to discuss new strategies for enhancing your health and reaching your goals.

You could let another year slip by, or you could take action today.

Not sure where to begin? Claim your free phone consultation, and we’ll figure out the best approach for you. I look forward to hearing from you and really getting started!

You can reach me at 404-444-6924 or brad@wellspringreiki.com.

Please see my Reviews/Testimonials page for insights into what others have gained from my services and what I may be able to do for you. In particular, you may be interested in Stop Smokng Hypnosis: Quitting for Good.

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